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Navigating RV and Trailer Storage Regulations in Fort McMurray

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Are you a proud RV owner residing in Fort McMurray, Alberta, eager to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada? While the idea of embarking on spontaneous road trips may be enticing, understanding the regulations surrounding RV storage in Fort McMurray is essential to avoid any legal hurdles. Let’s delve into the specifics outlined in Land Use Bylaw No. 99/059 and explore your options for storing your RV on your property.

Understanding RV Storage Regulations in Fort McMurray:

According to the Land Use Bylaw No. 99/059 found at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Fort McMurray, specific regulations govern the storage of motor vehicles, including recreational vehicles (RVs), on residential properties. Here’s a breakdown of the key regulations:

  1. Front or Side Yard Parking: Motor vehicles, including RVs, trailers, and boats, are not permitted to be parked in the front or side yard of residential properties unless on an approved driveway. This regulation aims to maintain the aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods and ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.
  2. Limitations on Recreational Vehicles: In the urban service area of Fort McMurray, only one recreational vehicle or utility trailer is allowed to be kept on a residential lot. This limitation helps prevent overcrowding and maintains a harmonious balance between residential and recreational land use.
  3. Temporary Use: While recreational vehicles are permitted on residential lots, their use for living and sleeping purposes is restricted to a maximum of two weeks per calendar year. This provision ensures that recreational vehicles are used primarily for their intended purpose of leisure travel rather than long-term habitation.
  4. Prohibition of Accumulating Broken-down Vehicles: Property owners or occupants are prohibited from storing or accumulating broken-down vehicles or motor vehicle parts on their property. This regulation prevents the accumulation of unsightly debris and helps maintain neighborhood aesthetics.
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Exploring Alternatives for RV and Trailer Storage:

Given the regulations outlined in the Land Use Bylaw, storing your RV on your property in Fort McMurray may pose challenges. However, several alternative storage options are available to RV owners:

  1. Commercial RV Storage Facilities: Consider utilizing commercial RV storage facilities located within Fort McMurray. These facilities offer secure storage solutions with amenities such as surveillance, climate control, and maintenance services.
  2. Outdoor Storage Yards: Explore outdoor storage yards in the area that provide designated spaces for RV storage. While lacking indoor amenities, outdoor storage yards offer ample space for long-term storage at competitive rates.
  3. Temporary Off-site Storage: If you only require short-term storage for your RV, consider temporary off-site storage options available in Fort McMurray. These solutions allow you to store your RV safely while adhering to the regulations outlined in the Land Use Bylaw.

Navigating the regulations surrounding RV storage in Fort McMurray requires careful consideration and adherence to the provisions outlined in the Land Use Bylaw No. 99/059. By understanding these regulations and exploring alternative storage options, RV owners can ensure compliance while safeguarding their vehicles. Whether opting for commercial storage facilities, outdoor storage yards, or temporary off-site storage, prioritizing the proper storage of your RV ensures it remains safe and secure, ready for your next adventure on the open road.

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